Thursday, November 13, 2008

Yeay! I have a Follower!

Thanks to my good friend and wonderful artist Carolyn Flores! Now I have a follower and somebody else besides myself who actually reads my blogs. jeje

The Branigan Cultural Center here in Las Cruces is having an exhibit called "Tattoos as A Personal Form of Expression." I think it's great. There are lots of tat parlors here in town and anymore, tattooing has become the norm. I'm a huge fan of tattoo art and have met some wonderful people in the business. Anyways, I loaned them three of my Kill Bill badass broads original acrylics and I'm proud to say...they have sold! All three of them! I had originally done these chics for the summer Hispanic Contemporary in Santa Fe and I was really surprised to see how quickly they sold. And how much attention they garnered! Most people seemed to know the movie, and like myself were huge fans of both I and II. So I figured I'd do a couple of the main calavera form of course...and they sold immediately. I re-did three of them and this is the first time the new ones have been on display and now they're gone again. Good news yes. But a mixed blessing. Years ago I had an artist friend tell me an old vendor story. I never really understood it...but darn if I don't now!

An old indian woman was sitting in front of her home one day selling her handmade painted pottery. As she sat there, a man walked up to her and complimented her on the beautiful work she had done. He told her that he was impressed by her fine work and that he wanted to buy everything she had. The woman frowned and looked him then asked "But if you buy everything, what will I have to sell?"

So now my Kill Bill calaveras are gone and I can't take them to Santa Fe. Yeah. I understand it.

Anyway here they are.


Deeliterate said...

O M I G O D, LOVE your Bills! Congratulations on your new Blog...hope she doesn't keep you up too much at night! all my love, ali

Carolyn said...

Ohh, love the blog today! Very interesting story too! Paintings Fabulous as usual!!
Before I went to the Mesilla show, our local gallery was having a Dia de los Muertos show. They called and asked if I was going to participate so I took a 2 calavera's and one Marilyn Mon-Muerto. The Marilyn Mon-Muerto sold "but" the Calavera's didn't. I should have taken them with me to the Mesilla show because they were part of the "Classy Calavera Collection." The others in Mesilla sold and the ones at the gallery did not! And I'm still crying over it! Now this is not a mixed blessing but bad judgment on my part! Damn it!!