Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Sometimes things hit the heart and sometimes you've just gotta paint...or create...or do whatever it is you need to do to release the pain.
I was making a logo girl for my daughter's artwork. Something we can make little cards of and put her jewelry on. I had the logo girl all painted up but was having a really hard time with her face. I painted her face three times but took it off because it just wasn't coming out right. As I sat there looking at my blank faced chica, I realized who the face wanted to be.
Sol was a beautiful woman. Inside and out. I knew her as a little girl and watched her grow into a young adult. She babysat my daughter many times and as my daughter grew older, she and Sol became friends. Sol was killed in a car accident in 2006. I think about her a lot and I'm sure my daughter thinks about her even more.
So I painted Sol's face on her and she fit. Perfectly. I love it when things are as they should be. It happens so rarely and makes me only more appreciative when they are.


Carolyn said...

What a neat story! Very touching. Makes the painting priceless.

glorv1 said...

That is a very nice story and also a very sad story. Sol was beautiful. I'm sure your daughter appreciated the very nice gesture.