Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Back Online...Finally!

After over a month of having extremely limited internet access, my new computer has finally arrived and I'm hooked up again. Andele!
I have a huge Dia de Los Muertos show this weekend in Albuquerque (Santa Ana Pueblo). The following weekend is Santa Fe's huge Hispanic Contemporary Market. Hectic to say the least! I will post updates and pics of the new artwork I've been working on. The creativity has been flowing like a mofo and it's made me realize that I really do my best work under pressure.
I plan to catch up on all my favorite blogs and bloggerettes, but it might take a couple more weeks.
And on the weight loss journey, I've now lost a total of 46 lbs! My goal has always seemed impossibly far away, but learning to live it day by day has helped me put my weight loss expectations into perspective. And I've been riding my bike. I packed that sucker away years ago and let the dust gather on it because the dreams I've had of riding my bike with the wind blowing through my hair seemed like something I would never feel again. Wrong. I'm starting to feel like there's not much I can't do. It's really strange to have that sort of confidence. I'm not used to it.