Friday, November 7, 2008

Day of the Dead 2008 in Mesilla, NM

I am a volunteer in The Calavera Coalition. A wonderful group of women who are dedicated to preserving the ancient celebration of El Dia de Los Muertos. The purpose of this event is to bring together people from all walks of life to honor the lives of their loved ones who have passed on. The plaza turns into a feast for the eyes as people build altars to their family members, pets and even causes that they are passionate about. We bring in artists and crafters to sell their wares and do not allow any kind of pre-manufactured items. We have local entertainment to give the event a more festive air. This is not a carnival by any means. This is a celebration of life.

This year I was the vendor coordinator for Mesilla's Day of the Dead. What a job! I'm used to just showing up, getting my booth assignment and setting all my junque up. But this time I was the one in charge and I've gotta admit it wore me out. But it was also a load of fun and I got to meet some wonderful people. Not to mention see some of my favorites again.

This is Alex & his lovely wife Lori. They are both incredible artists. Alex is also a tattoo artist and does beautiful work. It was good to see them again. It's hard to believe they were getting through this weekend with little to no sleep. You can tell they're young because if I had gotten no sleep you'd better believe I'd be mistaken for La Llorona!

This pretty lady is Carolyn. She drove all the way from Los Lunas which is up by Albuquerque. I had the privilege of meeting her when we both vended at the Hispanic Contemporary Market in Santa Fe. I fell in love with her beautiful passionate artwork. Carolyn darn near sold out this weekend! And with that she is able to make it to the Winter Market in Santa Fe. Yeah!

This is Christina who drove down with Carolyn from Los Lunas. She was too cute and made these fun embellished totes and reversible bags that were quite a hit this weekend. By the close of Sunday, her sales went so well that her tent was almost empty.

That's Casey there on the right. What a pistol! I liked her immediately and I believe we have a date to go out shooting watermelons. jeje
Her earrings and jewelry were a rockin' hit! She is a fabulous artist in her own right and I now own a pair of zapatista earrings complete with pistolas. Ahuuuuaaa!

Joie is an incredibly talented artist. She is a polymer clay DIVA! No kidding. The polymer clay art that woman creates are unlike any other polymer clay artwork I've ever seen. Her work never ceases to take my breath away. I am so happy to say that she had a very successful weekend and just about sold out! Yepyep!

This is my friend Maya. She's a joy to converse with and is the best storyteller I've ever known! She came up with some of the most original Muertos jewelry I have ever seen. Adorable calaveras with antler rings, skull ribbon necklaces, and a variety of other colorful pretties to adorn the body. It was so good to have her at this event!
This is Michele and she came all the way from Pinos Altos. Along with a variety of other jobs, she is an artist extraordinaire! Do not go to her table unless you have an open wallet and budget. You will find some of the most original artwork and craftwork ever and I am so proud to say that every Dia de Los Muertos...she is OURS!

We had many more artists and performers but unless I turn this blog into a book, I just won't have time for more. It really was a wonderful weekend and I'm already thinking about how to improve it for next year!

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Carolyn said...

This is the best show EVER as a vendor or as a visitor this show is such an awesome experience.