Wednesday, March 11, 2009


In the past several years that I've been painting, I have found that I am repeatedly being drawn to Day of the Dead themed paintings aka skeleton art. I used to do a variety of subjects, all inspired by my Mexican culture background, but I find that painting calaveras (skeletons) are my very favorite thing to do. When I paint them it just makes me happy and I find myself looking forward to the expression that will eventually emerge on that little skull head. Weird I know. I've had a lot of people ask me why I enjoy painting skeletons so much and honestly, the answer is a lot more deep than I care to share with anyone. So since blogs are for spillin' yer guts out all over the virtual world wide web, here goes.
Skeletons are non judgemental. Skeletons will never win beauty pageants. They are not sorted out by class according to their body size, skin color, gender or sexual orientation. Skeletons are dead and the trivial things that mattered in life, (money & beauty) just don't matter anymore. Skeletons just wanna have a good time.
I live in a world where I am too often judged because of the way I look. My weight has been a deciding factor on my quality as a human being to many people I've come across. I have had to endure horrid insults and comments thrown at me by an insensitive and intolerant society for most of my life. On the day after I came home from burying my brother, I had a stranger at the market ask me "Hey do you want a diet pizza?" as he walked away laughing at his clever little joke on the fat girl. I wish I had been numb enough to have not felt anything.
So how do I respond the next time somebody asks me why I paint skeletons as all those reasons go through my head? This is how. I look up and smile ever so sweetly and say "I paint skeletons because they're fun!"


glorv1 said...

Hi, if painting skeletons makes you happy, go for it! Don't worry what people say. Stick to people who are positive thinking and stay away from those that are negative. Thanks for your nice comment on my blog regarding my Mermaid Frida. Your suggestion to me about painting the background for her on canvas, I had already thought about doing that and I appreciate your thoughts. Hey you are you and that is all that matters, don't worry about anything else. Take care.

Tricia said...

That's a really great assessment and I never thought about it like that before. Makes total sense to me.

My brother is very into drawing skulls and skeletons. Before I moved here, we always entered the Dia de los Muertos Art Show at Lawndale Art Center in Houston. It was an awesome Retablo Exhibit. I miss that kinda stuff...I haven't really found much of the art scene here in Vegas yet.

Sacred Yoli said...

You do them so well, mujer! I love your reasoning too.

catboxartstudio said...

I can so relate to this! I love painting skeletons (and Day of the Dead inspired stuff) and get asked the same thing, why do you paint those? For many reasons I paint them and what you said here is a part of that very reason! You keep painting what you love, it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks and just be you! That is ALL that matters!

glorv1 said...

Hi Pam, I've awarded you a Kreative Blogger Award. Copy the award to your site. Please list seven things that inspire you or that you love. Then you can if you desire, select your favorite bloggers to give the award too. You know how it goes. Take care. Have a great weekend.