Tuesday, February 24, 2009

An Observation

What makes one artist think they excel above all other artists? I just do NOT get it! And it frustrates me. There are so many wonderful artists in this town. All different. Most of them unique. Quite a few are copycats but I still believe that two people can create the same work of art and yet they'll both come out different. I don't ever rate my artwork as being "better" than anybody else. And yet I see other so-called artist do it all the time. I have been snubbed by many people who have named themselves "true artists." Perhaps because they have enough money to sustain themselves and the free time to create art at whim. Perhaps because they carry a BFA or an MFA degree and feel that their degree entitles them to tell other artists how they should live their lives. I wish I had the time to become a "true artist." But I have a family and I have to earn an income to help pay our mortgage. So yes I will do things that are not truly original works of art, but are much more likely to sell at an art show. I wish I had a degree in art but truth is, school was never my strong point and I never had the desire. That might change one day, but for now I am learning more trying to break into the art field than I ever would in a classroom. So many ugly little people here in this little town with ugly little attitudes. And all I can do is shake my head and know that I will never ever behave like that.


glorv1 said...

Hi Pam, thx for stopping by my blog and leaving nice comments. I feel like you do. What are "true artists?" I don't paint to sell, I paint to enjoy my feeling that flow through my paintings. Actually Pam, I paint for myself and I feel that if someone out there doesn't care for my way of painting, that's cool. I don't worry about it. Just continue to paint your heart out and you'll be fine. Just stay the way you are and live your dreams and don't forget to get those Converse. You don't need to lose weight to wear them. You'll be fine, just fine. Take care and paint.

catboxartstudio said...

So very well said and I agree with you one hundred percent! Living in the Los Angeles area, that attitude is everywhere and like you, I don't ever plan on acting like that and will continue to just do my thing. If people like it, great, if not, that's fine too! You go girl! I couldn't of said this any better.

LuLu said...

Bonjour Pamela! I totally agree with you and support you 100%. I am no longer part of the Montreal art crowd but wanted so much to be a few years ago... I am a professional illustrator and my style just did not fit the mold. So, I decided to pursue my style anyways ... Now, I am getting quite a few assignements without even hunting for them and no longer need a rep to sell my commercial work. My problem now is copycats on the web... People just think that because your images are on the net, they can take it and literally copy it. I have had a particular painter on eBay who would take my current images, trace them on board and redo them in a colored pencil version and a bad version that is... People need to be educated about this. It is ok to be inspired by someone else's art but wrong to copy it... Keep up with the good work and stop looking around! That is what I do when I get upset about "so called artists". Take care, LuLu

mermaid musings said...

follow your bliss sweetie!
live oud loud with your art!
and by the way i love it!
your calacas rock!

Carolyn said...

Ughh How disgusting! I have ran into a few of those ugly people! My first experience was in Los Alamos during an art show. I was in awe to be there and then after running into some snobby, "husband wife duo artists," they took my "awe" away. But I came to the realization that I don't paint for those people. And maybe their just afraid of competition? People buy my art! So that means there are other people, besides myself, who enjoy it. And that's all I need to remind myself, when the ugly artists bring me down. Pam your the bomb.com when it comes to artists. And I am sure that ugly attitudes are afraid of your competition. I don't think art is something you learn in school, technique is. Art comes from inside and everyone's expressions are different. That is what makes art... art! As the old saying goes, "Art is in the eye of the beholder!"