Friday, January 2, 2009

It's Been A Bumpy Ride

The end of 2008 brought some difficult times for the people in my life. And just when I thought I had made it through the year with relatively little drama! ha.
Anyways, it's been hard to get real motivated with original art, so I've worked on my regular decoupaged mirrors and plaques to bring in some extra holiday money. My etsy shop is probably more full right now that it's ever been so if you've gotta few minutes to spare, please stop by...because I sure can use some traffic thataway!
These are the only two paintings I did in December. Interesting mix here, huh? I guess it all goes with my erratic emotions and merciless hot flashes. hmm.

On the left is one of my favorite images La Dolorosa. She's done in black and gold which apparently has become a habit for me. I tried to do her in beautiful rich shades of reds and blues but to no avail. I just didn't like it. It seems that black and gold are the only things that work in my head.
Next to her is the flaming redhead Rita Hayworth...calavera style of course. I enjoy painting these whimsical images and for some reason the actual painting just seems to flow so smoothly. I finished Rita up in about two hours, but the Dolorosa took me a couple of days. Is my head trying to tell me something?
We did find out that the San Antonio Show I'm vending at in April runs at the same time as San Antonio's citywide Fiesta time. Which to me means...more people...more potential contacts and customers! Not to mention the fact that the more I read about San Antonio, the more I want to visit. Since the whole family is going, we'll be doing the whole touristy thing. But my husband and I are very interested in the actual history of the town and it's occupants. So if anyone has any suggestions, please head 'em this way!
Okay I'm off to the airport to go pick up my daughter who has been visiting family in California for the past two weeks. I'll be glad to have her back home. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and let's pray for a healthy happy 2009! Felicidades!


glorv1 said...

Hi Pam. I hope your troubles ease up and you start in with the new year in a joyful way and creative as well. I love your Dolorosa and the black and gold are great colors. I think I'll try something in those tones. I'm cleaning house right now and I bought a stand to hold up my scroll saw. I'll be all over that as soon as I get organized. Enjoy your weekend and seize the day!! Take care.

Carolyn said...

Nice Pam Very Nice!! I really like the black and gold that you use on her. It just goes! I hope 2009 will be an Awesome year for you. I know it will. You have some really awesome art shows coming up and I know you'll be sucessful with all of them. Your Rita is very sexy, muy chingon! Hope your daughter had fun in Cali. TTYS

TheFancyChola said...

Wicked as usual Pam!
In life I have realized that we all have too much drama, and too little metabolizm!